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Let's look at production costs for a white paper.

There are several:

- Research, writing and editing
- Illustration and design
- Translations, if needed

Typically, how much do you spend on producing a white paper?

Now take "soft" costs into account, such as your own time and time from IT staff. How much would those costs typically be for a whitepaper?

(please enter amount in USD)
40-50% of emails are opened on mobile/tablet devices. 46% of primary product research is done on mobile/tablet devices, almost as much as on PCs.

What percentage of traffic to your white paper do you think comes from a mobile or tablet device?

(please enter a percentage)
Now - here is the thing. If your whitepaper is distributed as a PDF -even an interactive one- it will not display well on a mobile/tablet device.

According to Google research, if you don't have a mobile site or it's not optimized for smartphones in some way, 61% of visitors will return to Google to find a site that is easily readable on a mobile device.

What do you think? What percentage of people who access your white paper will NOT read it because it is not optimized for mobile/tablet devices?

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How many white papers do you have online?

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Google research shows that 50% of consumers reduce their interactions with businesses that aren't mobile friendly.

What percentage of leads do you think will not be receptive to a follow-up because of the negative perception created by trying to access un-optimized white papers?

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What is your average cost per lead to get a prospect to download your white paper?

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Typically - how many times is a single white paper downloaded on average?

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Almost done!

In your opinion, how much LESS likely is a prospect to buy from you if they tried to access an unoptimized white paper from his/her mobile/tablet device?

Just FYI:
- in B2C,  61% of mobile shoppers are more likely to move on when encountering an unoptimized site according to Google...
-in B2B, Compuware studies show that 57% of mobile users won't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile presence...

(please enter a percentage)
In your opinion, how much MORE likely is a prospect to buy from you if they had had a positive experience accessing your optimized white paper from his/her mobile/tablet device?

Data shows that reading on tablets can be 8 times deeper than on a desktop....

(please enter a percentage)
What is the average life-time value of your customers?

(please enter amount in USD)
Or, alternatively, what is your average deal-size?

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How else are you using PDFs for communication?

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